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The Dynamics of Time

The Dynamics of Time
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What is time like for you?  Do you know how God made you to relate to time?  Is your time anchored?  Is it cursed?  Is it devoured?  It is sanctified?  How does it flow in your life?

Time flows around and through us.  It is continually moving as it carries the reality we experience.

Time is dynamic.  It is imprintable.  It can carry a positive or negative charge, based on our righteous or unrighteous behavior.  We can partner with God to receive the resources He placed in time, or miss them entirely.

Over the years God has revealed a variety of tools for understanding the spiritual dynamics of time and releasing its vast potential.

In this album you will find a variety of concepts such as:

Three kinds of time

Anchoring time

Curses and defilement


Sanctifying time

Use this material to increase your understanding of the importance of time for bringing it into alignment with God's divine purpose in your life.

This teaching was recorded in 2012 in South Africa.

This is a two CD set.

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